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Aug 13

Written by: AdTech
8/13/2012 12:57 PM  RssIcon

Planning for obsolescence can avoid prolonged shutdowns or unexpected outages. Although, every obsolescence issue cannot be planned and unexpected issues can occur at any time. Whether the issue has been planned for or unexpected we understand your nuclear issues and can offer guidance to assure operations are enhanced and provide reliability and compatibility with original models.

Nuclear Obsolescence can be troubling for any facility when unforeseen circumstances occur. Unplanned outages and shutdowns can be extremely costly - discovering the problem, locating which unit is needed to solve the problem, waiting for manufacture of the correct unit according to new guidelines and specifications and finally delivery of the unit to the facility. Obviously, not such a great turn of events within the nuclear industry. On the other hand, knowing that there is a solution and options just in case, allows you to be informed of upfront costs, cost-effective solutions and availability of replacement models quickly.

A growing problem in the nuclear industry today is how to cost-effectively and operationally replace old outdated units to new industry standards. These new units boast new and more robust circuitry compared to the original models. Nuclear facilities facing obsolescence of critical components to their operating systems require fit, form and function units to avoid costly modernization within outdated nuclear operations. We offer direct replacement units in addition to upgrades that return a better more efficient unit.

Contact us today about a custom or standard unit!!

Below is a chart of the original models / manufacturer and our corresponding replacement model:

 Original Model
 Pyragon Replacement Model
 Transmation 610T-27
610TN-27-99 Thermocouple Transmitter
 Transmation 330T and 330IT
 330T-P and 330IT-P Millivolt Isolator/ Transmitter
Transmation 900F Square Root Extractor
 900F-P Square Root Extractor
 Transmation 350T
 Transmation 210A/ 220A
 210AN Current Alarm / 220AN Dual
 Transmation 310A / 320A
610AN Thermocouple Alarm
 Fisher Controls LS-121
 LS-121-P Signal Isolator
Fischer & Porter Models 55PA1000 and 55PA2000 Alarm stations in Versa Mount Case
 55PA2000-P.1 Process Alarm Station
 AGM Model DCT-TA-4000-13 Current-to-Current Isolator Station
 AGM Model ACM-TA-4006 Square Root Extractor
Square Root Extractor
 AGM Models SSM-A-4010I, 4010M and 4010H
High/ Low Selector
AGM Model ACM-TA-4005
Adder/ Subtractor Station
 Rochester Instruments PTA215 Dual Process Alarm Relay

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ADTECH > Blog - Pyragon Provides Nuclear Replacement Models
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ADTECH > Blog - Pyragon Provides Nuclear Replacement Models
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ADTECH > Blog - Pyragon Provides Nuclear Replacement Models
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Relationship Help

ADTECH > Blog - Pyragon Provides Nuclear Replacement Models
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