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Aug 9

Written by: AdTech
8/9/2012 1:47 PM  RssIcon

This is the first post to introduce you to our companies. This blog will cover not only Adtech, but our sister company Pyragon as well.

ADTECH has recently expanded its line of Isolator products so that it has virtually every form of signal isolator for every conceivable application.  These include input loop powered, output 2 wire and 3 wire powered, separate primary power for both AC and DC power as well as units that can provide power to the input loop.   Whatever type of isolator your application requires, ADTECH has it. 

The ability of ADTECH to monitor critical process functions has recently been improved.  We have added a complete new line of alarm monitor modules.  The these alarm modules can monitor, AC Volts, AC Current, Dc Volts, DC Current, Millivolt, T/C and RTD sensors.  All alarms feature adjustable time delay,  adjustable dead band, latching action and LED indication of alarm status.  Alarms can be configured for either fail safe or non-fail safe mode.

ADTECH has also improved upon our ability to meet some of the most stringent IEC transient tests.  This protection is optionally available for IEC 67000 EFT, Surge Ring Wave and Burst tests.  This capability is particularly useful in power plants and difficult industrial environments.

Pyragon, Inc. is a high quality manufacturer of industrial temperature transmitters, signal isolators, signal conditioners, alarm trip and custom OEM designs. We also provide form, fit and functional replacements for many related obsolete products in the nuclear industry.

The company was founded in 1996 by a former Transmation Inc. employee. In 2002 we purchased the I/O product line from Transmation Inc. This included the TouchTemp temperature transmitter, 3000 series signal conditioners and alarms, 4200 data acquisition systems and the Vision 4300 remote intelligent I/O systems.

In December of 2007 the company also purchased Analog Digital Technology, (dba ADTECH) to compliment it's traditional line of products. ADTECH has a complete line of 2 wire, 3 wire and 4 wire products as well as a complete line of Signal Isolators that can be applied in any isolation problem configuration.

In order to support our nuclear replacement business, Pyragon has invested in state of the art transient testers that perform a number of commonly required IEC transient test such as EFT, Ring and Surge testing. The company has also invested in an IEC compatible ESD test station that performs many of the Electro-Static Discharge tests required by our nuclear customers.

Depending upon our customer needs we offer everything from in stock, off the shelf solutions to custom designed products. We have always made meeting and exceeding our customers expectations our primary goal.

We have new things happening at both companies:

Our latest news has covered our New Offering of Nuclear Replacement Models from Pyragon. You can view our recent press release regarding our Nuclear Replacement Models available here.

Adtech has our new 500 series Alarms you can read about them on this site and view our recent press release regarding these products here.

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